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song:kk- 最炫民族風
komeikakobunask sent: pretty please




✒ Put “Pretty Please” in my ask box and I’ll generate a number from 1-40 and see what prompt we get!

3. My muse surprises yours with a new pet



"Brother, I’d appreciate if would restrict your pigeons from flying around at the very back of the west of the palace. I found myself a pet. Well, let’s go with the term ‘cat’ for now and I’m sure it would not mind some bird steak. So, for the sake of your beloved pigeons, keep an eye on them."

imageoh…i… think i understand, if you want i can move the pigeonhouse somewhereelse and take better care of it so the pigeons will be more protected

"Good. So at least that small tiger won’t have them as a breakfast. I appreciate the effort, Koumei."


i guess is not a big problem if the cub eats the stray pigeons  but  i have to keep the messenger ones away from it…oh is a male or a female? have you already thought    about a name?


Reflection nebula around HD 87643

This image, centred on the B[e] star HD 87643, beautifully shows the extended nebula of gas and dust that reflects the light from the star. The central star’s wind appears to have shaped the nebula, leaving bright, ragged tendrils of gas and dust. A careful investigation of these features seems to indicate that there are regular ejections of matter from the star every 15 to 50 years. The image, taken with the Wide Field Imager on the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at La Silla, is based on data obtained through different filters: B, V and R.

Image credit: ESO/F. Millour et al.
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I told you I will make one with koumei too

I wanna try! 

and Rohroh hipster! 
(Forgive me, I suck at editing…)

I forgot I traced this from OVERDRIVE for no specific reason
blame preservedturd for this.
idk what’s happening

i’m back…. and super tired

stockingcrusader sent: The tiny girl looks up at the man. She cocks her head to the side in curiosity. "Why am I here?" she asks before looking away from him and letting her gaze scan the surrounding room.

mei patted the girls head*  a gentle girl  brought you here, don’t worry you’ll be fine


komeikakobunask replied to your post:.
why sushiiii


Nothing important, really.

*hugs the sushi*

i mean..

look at the cutie



[Amnesia]: Your muse suffers a severe case of anmesia. The only thing muse remembers. She/He has to kill [anon specifies]

[Buddy]: Your muse dies and becomes the guardian angel of [anon defines] for 24 hours. Only set character can hear or see the guardian angel.

[Blackout]: Your muse suffers blackouts which come without warning for the next [anon specifies] hours.

[Cutard]: your muse thinks he/she is dead for the nexr [anon specifies] hours

[Draining]: Your muse causes everyone around them suffer bad mood, ranging from drepression, hate or anger or sadness.

[Descent]: For the next 24 hours your muse gradually forgets everything about their life.

[Gourmet]:Your muse has the urge to ea human flesh for the next [anon specifies] hours.

[GLaDOS]: For the next 24 hours your muse shows their sadistic and sarcastic side and has the power to control the persons around them to a certain amount.

[Inbetween]: Your muse suddenly dies and becomes a ghost. He/She can only communicate with great effort and reenters the body after 24 hours.

[Mirror mirror]: For the next 24 hours, if your muse looks into a mirror or any kind of reflecting surface, he /she sees the evil/dark side of themselves, which becomes alive.

[My design]: If your muse has already killed somebody, it will live through that again and cannot distinct between memory and reality. If not, your musse wakes up and is sure that she/he has killed someone last night.

[Last breath]: For the next 6 hours your muse is beaten up, bleeding and on the brink of death.

[Predator]: Your muse is reduced to their primal instincts for the next 24 hours.

[Slender]: Muse cannot recognize any faces and feels followed for the next [anon specifies] hours.

[Shapeshift]: Your muse has to take the appearance of other persons and cannot change back until MA ends (for six hours).

[Sanguine]: For the next 24 hours your muse has an extreme need to make anyone bleed and taste the blood.

[Robot]: Your muse is absolutely emotionless and not able to feel any pain for the next [anon specifies] hours.

[Voodoo]: [anon specifies] gets the little voodoo doll of your muse for 24hours.

[Vice Versa]: For the next 24 hours, the character of your muse completely changes for the contrary.