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Anonymous sent: Have you ever RP'd with 2 Mei's?

once, but it was a reay fast thread


Send me "What did you just call me?" and I will generate a number from 1-40 for what my muse will have called yours.

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Anonymous sent: What is your opinion on the Fanalis race?

they really are interesting, i’d love to know more about them, i also find interesting what the alexius family did, they probably are more useful as military force than slaves even if they’re probably not too easy to control that way

Anonymous sent: Koumei sama has anyone ever tried to romance you?

 hum.. yeah? but far less ladie than my brothers

Anonymous sent: Have you seen the fan art of yourself? I mean the *ahem* revealing *ahem* fan art.

 i’d lie if i say no

Anonymous sent: Mei did you choose your outfit or did the workers at the palace choose it for you?

it depends, i have much more outfits and my attendants often propose me to wear them but i find this more comfortable? and sometimes i’m too lazy to change

Anonymous sent: What is your favorite type of character to role play with? And have there been any Magi characters that you haven't role played with?

i have never thought of that, i guess i make no dinstinctions? i don’t have a favourite type of character….i haven’t rped with? ah i guess a lot of them but i   think i’ve had the opportunity to roleplay with all the main cast

Anonymous sent: Mei-sama!!! Do you have a crush on anyone? Who's your future waifu/husbando?

crush? i don’t think so…about the marriage i’ll later decide between the best matching candidates of course a political marriage has the priority

Anonymous sent: K-koumei-senpai... W-what is you f-favorite type of lady?

my favourite type of lady? hun?… well a mature and dedicated one i guess..also i don’t quite like people with a too lively behaviour i’m too slow for that

Anonymous sent: Do you think RPing with a female Mei blog would be interesting? Or is that just too much MeiMei for the world to handle?

well it actually already happened  hmm